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The major works of the great masters are scattered amongst the top museums in the world. We would need to travel extensively to view them all. In addition, the security measures and the high attendance of museums make it difficult to get close enough and long enough to admire the artists’ work in detail.

Although what we are presenting here will never replace the emotion of a face-to-face encounter with a masterpiece, this blog gives you the opportunity to carefully scrutinise some of the most beautiful works of art in the world; even closer than you could in the museums themselves.

Discover through this magnifying glass the powerful touch of Van Gogh, the finesse of Ingres, the rough gesture of Rembrandt, the delicacy of Vermeer, the subtle colours of Renoir, the meticulousness of Van Eyck, the splashes of Pollock, and so many others … as well as the cracks of time.

Enjoy your visit …

Thank you to the many museums and Wikimedia Commons for allowing the free download and use of thousands of masterpiece reproductions.


Brigitte & Jean Jacques Evrard – details.gallery@proximus.be

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